Februar 2024

Small reworks of existing challenges.

January 2024

There is a new mini game "Decode Me!".

October 2023

From this release on all challenges are playable in English and German.

September 2023

A new community area will be added, which can be accessed after the passage. There you will find new challenges on a regular basis, and you can contribute your own ideas.

August 2023

Small update from the summer break: A few existing challenges have been improved.

July 2023

The goal is reached! Hack The Web now has exactly 100 challenges. I'm going into a well-deserved summer break.

Thanks for playing and see you soon!


In the next few weeks, there will be regular updates for the first time over a longer period of time. Every Wednesday evening and every Saturday evening a new challenge will be unlocked in the area after the passage. It starts tomorrow evening (April 5th); the goal is reached when the 100th challenge is unlocked, which should be around mid-June.

April 2023

I am super grateful for the large community that now plays Hack The Web every day. Thank you! You motivate me to keep working on the platform, fixing bugs and creating new challenges.

With this version, I will now also release the source code for the server. With this, I want to make sure that Hack The Web can be used in the future, even if this server is no longer available. Instructions are included.

Otherwise, there will be some improvements to the existing challenges in the next few weeks. The map gets a small color update for the first time.

March 2023

A few old challenges have been filled with new ideas, two challenges have been merged into one, two new challenges have been added.

Point scores are adjusted a bit, there is a new high score.

January 2023

Many thanks to the many players and teachers who regularly use Hack The Web in the classroom! On October 21, 2022, the platform officially turned 5 years old and has grown considerably in that time. It is a great honor for me to offer you this platform, and I am happy to introduce you to the world of hackers with further updates and new challenges.

So for the new year, there are three new challenges again, two existing challenges (including the final) also get a new look. Happy hacking to everyone!

Usual note: one challenge is replaced, so the scores change slightly. There is a new high score again.

August 2022

In the last few months, there has been a lot of feedback on the challenges. As part of the regular maintenance, all challenges were checked again and improved in almost a third of them.

May 2022

From this update on, the time at which challenges were created will be displayed. There are also some improvements to the existing challenges.

March 2022

As a supplement to the previous update, there are some improvements to the existing challenges, including two new challenges.

February 2022

The journey continues! Behind the final, there are now six new challenges. For the first time, a score in the four-digit range can be achieved.

There are also two new challenges in the starting area. A few existing challenges change their places. As a result, the scores change slightly.

July 2021

This update brings some improvements to the "Quality of Service" These include:

April 2021

There is another update with six new challenges, four old challenges retire for it. The scores have been adjusted accordingly — there is now a new possible high score.

Another addition: There is now a community page with hints about the challenges and further background information.

September 2020

Be ready for the big finale! With this update, there are seven new challenges and the map is complete.

In addition, the scoring system is made fairer: The time bonus is eliminated, instead the points are determined based on the difficulty of the challenges. The further away a challenge is from the start, the more points there are. The formula is: score = 10 + (minimum number of edges to the start). This better reflects the work that has been put into the challenges.

August 2020

This update contains some improvements to the existing challenges and five new challenges.

June 2020

After more than a year of inactivity, there is finally an update: new challenges, new features and open source! The changes in detail:

I wish all hackers a lot of fun hacking!