Privacy Policy

Personal data

We take the protection of your personal data very seriously. You can use Hack The Web without disclosing personal data. Registration works without specifying an e-mail address, instead you enter a self-chosen pseudonym. If you want to remain anonymous, make sure that the pseudonym does not allow conclusions to be drawn about your person.

Account data

Your username is publicly displayed in the highscore and possibly on the homepage. The timestamp of your last activity on the platform is recorded and also displayed. Additionally, for each task, it is visible how many users have already solved it (without a reference to individual users). You have the option to completely delete your account at any time in your profile. The operator reserves the right to modify or delete accounts without a prior notice.


This website is hosted on Data processing takes place entirely in Germany and is subject to the GDPR. When using the website, logs of visits and errors are kept in part. The IP address is masked during this process.


To improve the tasks and detect possible issues, internal logs are kept and evaluated. These logs are not publicly accessible, not shared with others, and not used for any other purposes. The logs include your completed tasks and input for tasks (without reference to individual users). Logs related to inputs are deleted after a maximum of one year.


When you register or log in to Hack The Web, the website sets a cookie with a session ID. This is necessary to maintain your login status. The cookie is automatically deleted when you close your browser window or after one day. No tracking takes place with this cookie. Additionally, the selected language is stored in your browser for one week.

Local accounts are permanently stored in your browser. You can remove all local accounts by clicking here.