At the age of 13, I decided to become a hacker.

I admired these people. Those who know a system down to the smallest detail. And those who, with their creativity and perseverance, make even the seemingly impossible possible.

Great role models showed me the way and accompanied me through many challenges. I learned a lot, and for that, I consider myself lucky.

So I would like to accompany you a little on your journey. Here you will find things that fascinate me then and now. I hope they will be useful to you.


On Hack The Web, you will find a playful introduction to the world of hacking. In various puzzles, you can demonstrate your knowledge and creativity. The creative use of technology is the focus here - you won't find instructions on how to hack a website.

Entry is possible without prior knowledge and is suitable from the 7th grade. It is best to take 30 - 90 minutes. A self-chosen name and a password are sufficient for registration.

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Through our Discord server you can get in touch with the community. To get a quick look, use the login data demo / 1234.

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